NightFall Treatment

The Nightfall problem is more of a psychological problem rather than a sexual problem. When a man ejaculates during sleep, without being aware of it, he is said to be suffering from nightfall problems. We also refer to nightfall problems as “wet dreams’ or nocturnal emissions. The reason behind this problem can be too much exposure to sexual content, and low sexual activity during that period.

The causes for Nightfall, wet dreams or nocturnal emissions is usually deep sexual arousal while sleeping. This can happen to anyone, but the number may vary among people.

Nightfall can also be caused by a lack of sexual activity for an extended period of time. Teenagers who do not engage in masturbation or who are in their no-flap period are the ones who are most affected by nighttime issues. Sperms are produced spontaneously in every male's body. Unintentional splash out can occur if ejaculated late.

Symptoms of Nightfall Problem:-

Nightfall problem is common and natural unless it is not showing other symptoms along with “wet dream:

1) Inflammation in prostate glands.
2) Continuous pain
3) Foul smell and irritation while urinating
4) Porn addiction
5) Retrograde ejaculation
6) Dhat syndrome.

Nightfall is a natural thing to happen, but when it causes health problems, it needs to be consulted by our expert Dr Vinod Raina. If you are seeing symptoms like pain, unusual smell or bloody semen or urine, you need to consult the best sexologist Doctor in India.

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